Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's All About Your Perspective :)

Right now I'm not sure if I should be feeling lucky or upset.  

As I told my daughter, this is the first time this has happened to me and I don't know how I feel about it.  She was holding her breath waiting for me to tell her what happened today that I thought had been so terrible.  Well, she was practically rolling on the floor laughing when I was finally able to say the words out loud.  I was given a senior's discount today.

Three of us decided to check out a tent sale this afternoon.  There wasn't anything that I needed but when you drive an hour to get there you really should buy something, right?

There was lots of yarn, cross stitch and beading kits, etc. on sale and I fell in love with the colour of this crochet thread  and couldn't resist. 

 It wasn't until we were driving home that I started thinking about what I paid for the yarn including taxes was less than the price on the sign in the tent.  I still didn't think anymore about it.  It was a tent sale.  Things get discounted - that's the purpose of a tent sale.  Then I looked at the receipt.  

Then I googled the stores Senior's Day.  Yup, it was today.  The first Tuesday of the month,  for everyone 50 and older.  Now that I think back there was a bus from a retirement home pulling into the parking lot the same time as us.  I'm guessing they knew about the Senior's Day.

So in the end, I saved some extra money and gave my daughter a good laugh.  She assured me that I look fine and don't look any older than 41 (I'm 46) and that the sales lady probably hit the discount button out of habit.  Then she begged me not to go crazy with any mid life crisis stunts while she is still living with me.

Now that I can laugh about this I'm thinking that either way you look at it I should have bought more yarn.  On one hand I got a great discount so I should have bought more than 3 balls and on the other hand it seems that some extra comfort yarn would make me feel better about the whole situation ;)  I guess there are some bonuses to getting older!

Now I'm thinking about my friends that were with me.  Were they lucky enough to get the same discount?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cutting It Close

There was very little knitting done today.  What I thought was going to be a day filled with knitting ended up being a day filled with running errands.  It turned out to be a productive day just not on the knitting front.   

I did manage to get some rows knit on my sleeve tonight at knitting.  I finished the maple leaf which means that the intarsia is finished on this sweater and the only colour work left is the tiny bit of fair isle at the top of the sleeve.  This is all I have left of the ball of red yarn.  It should be enough.  Hopefully.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Same or Different?

Saturday I showed you a picture of the sleeve that I had started.  Here is a picture of my knitting now.  Since it looks the same as the last picture I showed you,

there are two options:

A)  I spent the weekend relaxing without any knitting and I am continuing on from where I left off on sleeve number one.  Or

B)  I spent a lot of time knitting this weekend and finished the first sleeve and started the second one.

I'm sure you guessed correctly.  When have I ever gone a whole weekend without knitting!?  That would be just crazy.  It's the second sleeve!!

Now to see how much I can knit by Monday night.  The end is in sight.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


My goal was to have both sleeves finished by Monday night.  This is the first sleeve.  I'm behind.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I started a new project and it isn't with the new yarn that I showed you in the last post.  I have plans for that yarn but right now I was needing something easy to knit so I went stash shopping and came up with this ball.  It's a blend of hemp and wool and I thought it would be perfect for this garter stitch scarf.

Today I visited with a couple of knitting friends and look what one of them was knitting, another Pennant scarf!

It's an easy knit as long as you remember to slip your end stitches.  If you forget,  your nice straight edge doesn't stay so straight and you end up ripping out a few rows to get rid of a bump on the side of your knitting.   If you remember though,  you are rewarded with a lovely straight edging. 

I know some Knitters find garter stitch to be uninteresting to knit but I find it relaxing and addictive. This scarf is distracting me from the sleeve I should be knitting for my sweater.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two Dollars and Seventy Cents

The skein from yesterday has been wound and is set to go.

Yarn shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I regularly spend $20, $25 or $30 on a single skein of yarn without blinking an eye.  But, I also get really excited about finding amazing deals on yarn; it helps balance things out in the end :)

As you can see, I ended up with 3 balls that totalled 282 grams.  In the yarn shops they would sell between $7 and $8.50 per ball - $21 to $25.50.

This skein came out the of the seconds bin (note that there was not one knot in the entire skein and there is nothing wrong with this wool and it is wool not acrylic) for .27 cents an ounce.  Here's the math  282 grams = 10 oz x .27 = $2.70 for all 3 balls.

I love a great deal!

Thinking About A New Project

My sweater should be finished by the end of the week so we all know what that means, time to start thinking about the next new project.

This skein of wool was one of my finds at last week's tent sale.  I have the perfect hat and scarf pattern just waiting for it.