Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Finds

I love glassware.  Not quite as much as knitting but close.

It has occurred to me that there are people out there who would look at these glass and pottery type items and think about using them as things such as flower pots, vases, food related serving pieces and such.

Not me.  I can only see how it can be repurposed into a knitting accessory.

When I found these flower pots I really and truly bought them with the purpose of repotting some small houseplants into them.  Somehow once I got them home and out of the shopping bag the ball of yarn I am knitting the lace doily with ended up in the blue pot.  Perfect fit.  These  may just come with me to this weekends show as my yarn bowls.

This one I will admit that as soon as I saw this vase at a flea market tent last weekend I thought it would be a perfect needle holder.

This little dish was sitting beside the blue vase.  What can I say, it was pretty :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Fun Summer Weekend!

This past weekend was spent just outside of London at the Elgin County Heritage show.  This heritage show, or steam show like my Grandparents used to call them, has been an annual event for 38 years. I remember coming to this same show years ago with my Grandparents to spend the day wondering through farm machinery exhibits and demonstrations but my favourite part of the show was the seeing all the handwork in the ladies tent.  Now quite a few years later, I'm able to take part in the ladies program by demonstrating knitting.  Hopefully I'll be able be spark interest in today's children about the love of knitting.
On my way into the show each morning I took some pictures before the crowds arrived.  Of course there were lots of tractors.  This orange Allis-Chalmers reminds me of my Grandpa's tractors that he farmed his entire life with once switching from using workhorses.
There was also a car show

One vendor had this amazing display of Tea Spoons.  I had never seen or heard of these before.  Apparently they were used to spoon loose tea.  The designs were amazing.
Laundry anyone??
Lemonade was being sold from the reconstructed water tower.  There was also pony rides for the kids and live music on the outdoor stage.  From where we were set up we were able to enjoy the live music all weekend.

The ladies area of the show was set up inside of this 1834 log cabin. Lets take a look at the amazing work that was going on in here all weekend long.

There was quilting,

chair caning,

lace making - tatting, bobbin and needle lace

here is a close up of the bobbin lacing making in progress

This quilt is a sampler of various lace techniques which included knitting, crochet, tatting, netting and battenburg lace.  It was beautiful!

 This lace piece is made by netting and has a crochet border

 there was traditional rug hooking,

and of course knitting.  I spent the weekend knitting lace and a moebius shawl. There was lots of interest in both projects.  There is always amazement at the tiny yarn and needles used for the lace and surprise at how a moebius is knit!  The best part of the weekend is always the chats I have with other knitters and the men and ladies who don't knit but have stories to share about their Grandmothers, Moms or wives who knit.
As if this doesn't sound like a perfect weekend already, with 3 days of dedicated knitting time you get a lot of knitting done.  I started my second ball on this moebius shawl and the lace knitting is well on its way.  I did a lot of "demonstrating" how to start a shawl in the round until I found a pattern that I was happy with.
I hope everyone else had a fun filled knitting weekend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Weekend Vacation

The end has come to another long weekend.  What a great time we had!  The weather was perfect for lots of hiking and exploring caves which did cut into my knitting time but I'm not complaining.  We had a wonderful 3 days with almost the whole family.  Want to see some of what we did?

There was lots of great food!

There was a birthday
There was lots of hiking

Amazing views

We explored some caves

This is me hoping that I can climb back down without breaking anything!

I did manage to fit in a little moebius knitting

And the weekend ended with fireworks on the beach

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend Knitting Demonstrations

This past weekend was the Ilderton Heritage Show.  For the last few years I have been asked to demonstrate knitting.  How can this not be a fun weekend?  It's two full days of knitting, talking about knitting, answering questions about knitting and having anyone interested knit a few sts in garter stitch. 
 An added bonus is visiting with the other vendors and demonstrators showing off their craft.

The Elgin County Hookers were demonstrating traditional rug hooking.

Debbie from Ziraldo Alpacas had yarn, felted dryer balls, felted soaps and other alpaca related items for sale.  These skeins sat on my table for a bit while I decided which ones I "needed".  I decided on the light coloured ones :)

Braided rug making was new this year.

There was spinning going on (Debbie, this is your alpaca fleece being spun in laceweight!)

One of my favourite displays is tatting.  I loved this multicoloured doily.
I missed a few displays.  There was also weaving, bobbin lace and crochet being done. With all this crafting going on, where else would I have wanted to be?
Some of us will be together again for the Canadian Plowing Match outside Thorndale on August 15 and 16 if you want to come see all these projects being worked on in person.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cottage KAL

A couple of my best knitting friends and I have a yearly tradition of spending a girls/knitting weekend away at a cottage.  It's always a great getaway filled with lots of relaxing, walking and of course knitting.

Here is a quick recap of our weekend away.

Sun rise meditations at the lighthouse,

walks on the beach,
lots of flowers in bloom

buying yarn in the grocery store,
and of course some knitting

 this is the Spidery Tank from a back issue of Interview Knits. By the end of the weekend we all had a great start on the project.

Thanks for a great weekend ladies!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Making Good Progress!

I'm back on track with both of these knitting projects!

The lace wrap has its pattern zigging and zagging in all the right places again,

and the No Pattern Sweater has the armhole shaping finished and just about ready to start the neckline shaping.  The body is almost finished!!

The weekend weather here was sunny and hot so this is were I spent a lot of time knitting; in the shade with a nice breeze.  Hopefully I'll have some finished project photos to show you soon.