Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gold Metal Socks

Olympic knitting is over. My socks are finished and they fit! The bag unfortunately did not make it to the finish line. I'm ok with this as it did get me motivated to dye the wool and get the bag started. Actually, it is probably over half done and I am really liking the colour combination. I am using three colours: sapphire, purple and lilac. It looks much better knit up than I thought it would. If I can take a picture that the colours show up close to the actual colour it will be in the next post. If I can manage to fit in as much knitting as I have the last couple of days it may be finished in another couple of days. That would be great. Then I could felt it and start using it and move on to the next project. That is the big question. What should I start next - Dad's socks, friends gift, or the samples for my next class....

Happy Knitting!!

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