Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Knitting Underway

What a relaxing morning. I am watching the Olympics on TV, knitting my sock and dyeing the wool for my bag.

I am making good progress on the sock although I did change the pattern and wool. I decided to knit myself a pair of socks with a ball of Hempwol that I had in my stash. This is a really great wool/hemp blend to knit with. As for the pattern, I am designing as I knit. This is not as clever as it sounds as I was intending to follow a wonderful pattern that created a nice lace zigzag pattern on the leg. After four rows it was apparent that I didn't fully read the instructions before I started knitting!! So I am now working on a "random" lace pattern that is turning out quite nice and as a bonus I think it will fit. Did I forget to mention that I forgot to check my gauge before I started. I was so excited about starting the sock that I casted on and just started into the pattern! (Wrong I might add!!) I did check the gauge after a few rows and it is ...close.

As for the dyeing it is going great. The sapphire and lilac are outside drying. The dye bath was not exhausted from the sapphire so I am using it again and this skein is a beautiful baby blue. With some luck pictures may follow soon.

Happy Knitting!

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