Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Shopping Trip Without Wool

What a wonderful way to spend a day. My daughter and I spent the day in Toronto shopping for clothes yesterday. We had a great time. Before we left she made me promise that we would NOT stop at any yarn shops. I agreed, somewhat disappointed as I was hoping to have time on the way home to swing by Lettuce Knits to buy some baby wool. After thinking about it I felt much better when I remembered that they do mail orders! Our shopping trip was a success. Lots of trying on and lots of buying. As we were ending our shopping trip we decided to stop for a drink before heading home. At this point my daughter stops, looks at me and says "oh no we are not". I swear I had no idea that we were across the street from a yarn shop. I had actually never heard of this shop before. Americana was the shop name or something very similar on Queen Street. After a little bit of begging and pleading (who is the adult!?) I went in for a really, really quick look around but no buying. Lots of beautiful wool. Seen a lot of llama, alpaca and a cotton linen blend. Nice shop. Worth another stop on a yarn shopping day.

Olympic knitting is coming along. Updates tomorrow and there should be pictures! No time today as the kids and I are heading out for a fun filled day with Dragonfly Girl. Probably no yarn shops in the picture today either unless we head home through Guelph....

Tonight is the Knitting Goddess Knitting Guild meeting. It is sure to be lot of fun!

Happy Knitting!

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