Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Dyeing Continues

The dyeing continues. The colours look great!!! I let them cool overnight in the dye pot and both skeins took up all of the dye. Last time the purple did not. This is leading me to think a couple of things a) that this one may be a darker shade than the one before or b) my measuring of the dye was not accurate or c) my measuring of the vinegar was not accurate. It probably is a combination of all of them. However, without comparing the two skeins together I think it looks close. Anyone want to place any bets? These pictures were taken as soon as the skein was added to the dye so the actual colour is a bit darker.

This skein is for my wonderful friend. Her favourite colour right now is pink. She is going to love it! I am thinking that this will make a great hat. Unfortunatley, it will not match her sweater that she planning on making. Hmmm.... looks like I get to do some more dyeing!!

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DragonflyGirl said...

I LOVE IT! You truly are a wonderful friend and talented dyer (is that a word? if not, it is now). Looking forward to seeing more of your creations ~ dyed and knitted.