Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wool for Dragonfly Girl

Tonights knitting has two goals. Knit the baby sweater and dye some wool.

The baby sweater is knit from the top down all in one piece and the only seaming needed is on the sleeves. I am knitting this one in a pink worsted weight acrylic yarn from my stash and have got to the second sleeve. I am really hoping that it will be finished tomorrow. Then I am going to knit another one in a dk weight.

I dyed two batches of wool. One was another skein of the purple to finish the felted bag that was started for the Olympic knitting. This skein will finish the bottom and make the handles. I'm really interested to see how close the colour of this skein will be to the first one I dyed. So far in the dye pot it looks good.

The second batch of dying is for my best knitting friend, DragonflyGirl. The colour of course is pink! I think it looks great. I hope you like it. (You'll have to take my word for how the wool looks. Technical difficulty down loading the pictures.)

Happy Knitting!

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