Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slow Knitting Week

This was to be my week to knit all day, every day for a whole week. So far that hasn't happened. It is now Wed. and I have only felt well enough to knit a couple of times. I managed to finish knitting a slipper that still has to be felted and sew together my mini sweater. Both patterns are from the Patons Classic Holiday pattern book. The slipper is knit with Patons Classic Wool.

As for my To Knit List
Orange socks - as they are not a Christmas present they are off the list until January
Hemp scarf - will now become my challenge project
Sweater pattern - I did decide on a pattern but have not found the wool yet
Husbands birthday socks - will now become Christmas socks
Moms Christmas socks - have not restarted. Somehow thinking if I wait long enough and recheck the gauge that maybe it will be right on this time.
Hand dyed hat - It is finished!

I am going to drag myself back to the couch and focus on the success of finishing my hat and work on my felted slippers. I'll worry about my ever growing list of knitting to be done tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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