Monday, December 29, 2008

Here Are The Pictures!

Finally, after a long absence, here are the pictures of the Marigold wool overdyed with onion skins.

Here is a picture after the first dye bath in Marigolds and Calendulas. The result was a golden yellow with a tinge of green.

The middle picture is after it was overdyed with a strong onion skin bath. The colour is a golden chestnut. It isn't as orange as the picture appears. I simmered the onion skins in a pot of water for about on hour. Strained the onion skins out of the pot and let it cool overnight. I added the two skeins of wool and some vinegar. The temperature was slowly brought up to 85 degrees celcius and kept at that temp for an hour. Then allowed to cool overnight, rinsed, spun and hung to dry.

The last picture is a skein of white Briggs and Little Regal that was added to the onion skin dye pot to exhaust the dye.

I love the results!!