Monday, February 16, 2009

Bead Knitting

My new adventure has been knitting with beads. If you haven't tried it yet, you must! You do have to be warned that it is terribly addicting. My first bead shopping trip was just to buy one package of beads to play around with. (Note the word ONE) I quickly found out that it is impossible to buy just one package. You simply can not decide between them. Totally impossible. Trust me. Take my word for it.

When shopping for beads remember to double check that the hole size will fit onto your yarn. My first real project was a dishcloth with worsted weight cotton. I strung the beads onto the yarn before the knitting began and the beads barely fit. It was quite a struggle to get the first beads onto the yarn but as the yarn stretched a bit the rest went on much easier. I found that the dental floss threader was just a tiny bit thinner than the beading needle threader. Once the beads are on the yarn just slide them down out of the way. Knit along until you reach the spot for a bead. Push a bead up tight to the needle and knit as normal. This will put your bead on the back side of your work. Using a crochet hook that is small enough to fit through your bead is another method that can be used and the beads do not have to be put on the yarn before the knitting is started. Both ways are fun to do. My dishcloth turned out great and it was a fun, easy pattern to adapt for adding the beads but certainly not very practical lol! As the beads are mostly on one side, the non beaded side can be used for your dishes.

Knitting To Do List
Mystery project with beads
February lady sweater
Birthday socks for my Dad
Teddy bear

Yikes, this is going to be down to the wire! None of these projects are started yet but I think it is doable. Off to start swatching. Updates soon.
Happy Knitting!!


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Anonymous said...

Your bead knitting is really neat! I have been giving some thought to trying it, especially since I am starting the Adamas shawl and I think it would be really stunning with some small beads throughout it.

Thanks for the inspiration!