Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Lady Sweater

The sweater is coming along great. Elizabeth Zimmerman originally designed this as a baby sweater and some smart lady (Pamela Wynne at has designed an adult version. This is my first top down sweater and it is so much fun to knit even if doing all of those increases almost did me in. They seemed to go on forever! I slipped half of the stitches onto another circular needle and tried it on. So far so good. According to the pattern I have a few rows of garter stitch to knit before switching to the lace pattern. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and going to look for a lot of stitch markers as lace knitting and I have had our issues in the past. I have a good feeling that all is going to go well. I have the whole evening set aside to work on this sweater with plans to whip right along and get a good start on the body. I have to. The deadlines for the other projects are creeping closer :)
Happy knitting everyone.

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