Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sweater Is Finished!

Well, I have decided that this year is to be the year that I finally try all the new techniques and patterns that I have been too busy to knit over the last few years. It is my goal that every week or two is going to have a theme and incorporate some of the projects on my To Knit List. I am very excited about trying out some new stuff! This is so motivating me to get projects done so I can move on to the next one, and I have a HUGE list.

I finished my green v-neck sweater a while ago but due to technical difficulties I was unable to show any pictures of it until now. Here it is blocked, with the ends sewn in and everything. Ok, ok, for those very observant you are correct. It is still missing the buttons. I have not acquired a stash of buttons yet so I am still on the look out but I have been wearing it anyways. I love it!

The knitting new year has started off great. A sweater for me all finished! The next post will be about my adventures with bead knitting. It was so much fun and very addicting. I think I am the bead store's new best customer! Until then, happy knitting everyone!

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