Monday, April 13, 2009

Mystery Project Is Finished!!

This last month was so busy with knitting deadlines that I had NO time to post the progress of any of the projects. Don't even ask me (or my husband!) about the housework and laundry that has piled up!

The big mystery project is finished and it was done on time and with hours to spare I might add. How many times are we finishing a project in the car as we are on the way to the event where we are giving it away as a gift? (Please tell me I am not the only one). This project, a wedding gift for DragonflyGirl, was a sampler afghan. I had so much fun knitting this gift. Choosing the patterns for the blocks meant a lot of time looking through stitch pattern books and even buying one or two more just to be sure I had enough to choose from! In the end I decided to knit 10 blocks in the same dot pattern and knit the remaining 10 blocks all in different patterns. The first block was started exactly four weeks before the wedding and I had complete confidence that I could knit 20 12"x12" squares, join all of the blocks and put a boarder around it in this time frame. I think some of my fellow knitters had their doubts (everyone always seemed shocked by how soon the wedding was) that I could stick to the tight schedule that I had worked out as to what blocks needed to be knit on what day. It soon became apparent that life, family and work didn't seem to want to cooperate with my knitting schedule and yes, I got behind. I found myself saying many, many times that I was a block or two behind but that was ok because I could make it up on the weekend. We will never know if I could have finished it all by myself on time or not. I still firmly believe that I could have but admit that I would have had to pull a couple of all nighters to get it done. An amazing knitter offered to help me (came to my rescue lol) join the blocks together. We devised a plan so she could take a row home with her to join while I worked on finishing the last few blocks and started the edging. I am sure we had her neighbours talking as we had some early morning and late night exchanges of bags filled with the different rows of squares! The last exchange was getting close to midnight on the night before the wedding.

Thanks for all your help Rebecca. We really do make wonderful friends through our love of knitting. DragonflyGirl, here is to you and your new hubby. Enjoy all the ups and downs this new adventure will bring.

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