Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little behind...

Good morning knitting friends!

Well, remember my goal for the weekend to finish the shawl. Guess what, it still is not finished (sigh). Gardening kind of took over most of my free time on the weekend and last night was date night. I sort of have a rule that I don't knit during our actual date but I did sneak in a few rows last night. I hadn't knit all day and I was seriously going into withdrawal! I really had to knit. This just proves that knitting (may be addictive) but it is great therapy. The good news is that the shawl is really close to being done. I am working on my last ball and it is over half done. With any luck it will be done tonight. I have the cotton/hemp yarn sitting ready to start a scarf version of the lace pattern so you will be able to see what it looks like on Monday night.

Part of the gardening that I have been doing that has been cutting into my knitting time is planting a dyeing garden. I am so looking forward to doing some natural wool dyeing workshops this summer. Once it is planted I will show you guys a picture of it. Even though it is only about 1/4 done I think it is looking great. It is certainly going to be colourful!

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