Sunday, June 21, 2009

A New Shawl

Today was a good knitting day. I started the day by getting up really early to knit while everyone else was still asleep. I finished knitting my feather and fan scarf. I really enjoyed knitting both the shawl and this scarf and I love the finished product, but I am ready to move onto another pattern. Something like this. This is the falling leaf lace pattern. As I was knitting the dishcloth version of this pattern, I kept thinking that this would look great as a shawl so this is how I am ending my day. I am staying up really late while everyone else is already asleep starting a new shawl. I am using 4.5mm needle and have cast on 99 stitches to have a 9 pattern repeat. The yarn is a fingering weight acrylic Pingouin Perle fin. Blue isn't usually a colour that I would pick but it looks summery and reminds me of the beach. I have broken my own rule about no lace knitting late at night but so far so good. No mistakes...yet:) Here is the start of my new shawl.

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