Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Is Here

Has everyone been managing to stay cool over the last few days? With this heat I am really glad to be knitting small projects that don't add to the heat. I am working on the new shawl and the mitered squares for the afghan star block. The squares should be finished today. Even though I am eager to sew them together I am going to take the time to block them. The yarn is acrylic so it won't block perfectly but it will take some of the curl out of the edges and make the seaming easier. I also think it will make the finished square look less bulky where the seaming is done.

In my attempt to find a cool knitting place, Ella and I ended up at the beach the other night. I love the beach. I could sit and listen to the water for hours. We had a nice walk on the beach and then of course I sat a knit for a while. This is a picture of one of the mitered squares. This one sadly ended up begin frogged as it was too small but it was still a nice, quiet, relaxing knitting evening.

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