Monday, June 29, 2009

To Block Or Not to Block

Well ladies our learn to knit lace classes are officially finished and I think that everyone did a great job and is well prepared to experiment with more detailed lace patterns.

As we saw tonight, lace does benefit from being blocked. Here is a picture of my scarf on the blocking board. As you can see one half is blocked and the other is not. Whether you block your finished items is a personal preference but if you do take the time to do the blocking it will open up the lace pattern and it will help even out any uneven stitches. As we talked about there are different ways to go about blocking. I usually pin out my item dry and then used a spray bottle to wet it down and let it dry. If you are washing an item either by hand or in the machine, you can spin it in the washer to get rid of the excess water and then pin it out on the blocking surface to dry. There is a method using steam from an iron as well but I have not tried that method. Another option to just using pins are blocking wires. They are long thin wires that you slide up the outside stitches of your knitted item to hold the edges straight. (If you look at the picture, you will see that I should have used more pins to hold the scarf edges straight so that they do not look pointed) and then you put in a few pins to hold the wires in place on the blocking surface. We can play with these sometime over the summer!

Have a great week and happy knitting :)

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