Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everything Is Always "Right"

Knitting the log cabin pattern is really a lot of fun and very simple to do once you get started.

We started out knitting a garter stitch square (center green) by casting on 10 sts and knitting 20 rows or 10 ridges then casting off and leaving the last st on the needle.

Then you will turn your square to the right and pick up and knit 10 sts, working right to left with a new colour for a total of 11 sts (10 picked up sts plus the last cast off st). Knit 9 rows or 5 ridges. Don't count your pick up row in the 9 rows.

Cast off on a right side row. Leave the last st on the needle, cut the yarn, and turn the square to the right.

With a new colour and the right side facing, pick up and knit 15 sts from right to left. There will be 5 from the end of your last garter stitch strip plus 10 from the center square plus the last cast off st for a total of 16 sts.

Keep following this pattern of picking up 5 stitches from the ends of the garter stitch strip and 1 stitch of every cast off st on a cast off edge. Then knit 9 rows and cast off. Keep turning to the right and repeat. Have fun picking your colours for each new strip.

Take a look at the pictures. The first one is showing the right side of the square and how your square will look when you have finished the cast off row leaving the last st on the needle on the top left corner.

The second pictures shows the square once it has been turned to the right. That last stitch is now on the top right corner and the right side is still facing.

The next picture shows the vertical strand of yarn on the last garter stitch. This is what you pick up and knit on the garter stitch ends.

The next picture shows picking up the cast off stitches. Remember to pick up the front half of the stitch or "v" ( the strand closest to you) don't pick up both legs of the stitch as it will make a bulkier seam.

The last picture shows the back/wrong side of the square. Besides all the tails, look at where the new colours were joined. See how you can see part of the old and the new colour. You want this to be on the back.

Have fun with this square. For everyone who is working on the afghan you will find this a nice break from last weeks square:)

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