Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Is Time To Join!

How has everyone made out with their first block. With any luck you will be close to having all four small squares knit and will soon be ready to use the mattress stitch to join them together.

Here are 4 small sample squares that I knit up to demonstrate joining them.

First, go ahead and weave in all of your ends. I usually make an L shape on the back side of the work. Weave the tail in over about 4 stitches and then up or down 3 or 4 stitches. There is no magic number as far as how many stitches to use. Use what you feel comfortable with. Cut your yarn. This should hold your tail firmly in place.

Then, decide how you are going to place your squares. Which ones are going to have the stripe pattern horizontally or vertically.

Next, double check that you have the matching squares both facing the same way. The stitch or the "v's" should be facing the same way either up or sideways. Note that in the first picture that the bottom right square is not facing the same as its partner on the top left.

Now with the right sides up and using a darning needle, join the bottom two squares using a length of yarn. You are going to go side to side keeping the sewing yarn straight (not on an angle) so it looks like a ladder. When you pick up along a cast off edge, you will pick up two legs of the stitch below the ridge made when casting off so the ridge will be pulled into the seam on the under side. On the other block, you will pick up two horizontal bars (rows 1 and 2) in the middle of the first stitch so only half of the stitch is pulled into the seam. These bars can't be seen when looking at your knitting (unless you stretch your knitting). You will pick it up when you insert the darning needle. Once you have done a few stitches you can pull the sewing yarn tight to hide the sewing yarn and join the squares.

Continue by joining the top two squares. Then turn your knitting and join the top and bottom together.

Congratulations, the first block is done! Now on to block number two.

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DropStitchChris said...

Hi Louise....this looks great...I was wondering how to join my squares and now I know...thanks so much!! see you tomorrow night:)