Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Star Knitters

Once again ladies, excellent knitting! Three blocks down, three to go. You have some extra knitting time with next Monday being a holiday. So enjoy your knitting time and remember you can always stop in on Saturday mornings if you need any help or just want some moral support when weaving in your ends on the flying geese block!

Everyone was off to a great start last night on the flying geese block. It is very similar to the log cabin block so you should knit along without any trouble. Have fun picking your colours. It's going to be fun seeing everyone's finished blocks with all of the different colour combinations. After looking at my finished multi coloured block when I got home last night, I think that I am going to stick with it instead of the new one I started knitting. Here is a brief summary of our class last night.

The first picture of the flying geese block shows you triangle 1 (large), triangle 2 (small purple on left side) and triangle 3 (small purple on right side).

The next picture shows that 25 stitches were picked up along the top of the block (12 purple sts, 1 orange, 12 purple) to be able to start knitting triangle #4 (large) and then 12 stitches were picked up (plus the last st from triangle #4 still on needle, totals 13 sts) with yellow on the left side for triangle #5, and 13 stitches were picked up along right side of triangle #4 with yellow to knit triangle #6. Then the block was turned to the right and 25 stitches were picked up along the left edge of the block to start knitting triangle #1 again.

You will knit the 6 triangle square, turn the block and pick up sts to knit another 6 triangle square three times so you have a total of 4 squares. The only seaming is joining the side of square 4 to the cast on edge of square 1. I'll post a picture of that tomorrow.

Happy knitting!

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