Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Handed Continental Knitting

Monday night we started our first afghan block for our sampler afghan. It is the knitted version of the rail fence quilting pattern in our Knitting vs Quilting summer challenge.

The knitting with two hands - a colour held in each hand is probably the easiest to catch onto. It is the purling with the left hand that is trickier but remember it is not impossible. You will get the feel for it! Here are some tips and pictures of knitting and purling with the left hand. Pictures 2 & 3 show the knit stitch and pictures 4, 5 & 6 show the purl stitch.

*the yarn is always wrapped counter clockwise. It doesn't matter if you are knitting or purling or if you are using your left or right hand.

*when you are knitting or purling with the left hand, the yarn goes over the needle, going away from you.

*when purling with the left hand, remember that you have to bring your finger right down in front of your work to hold the wrapped yarn around the needle.

*if you do wrap the yarn the wrong way it will not affect the pattern, it will just twist your stitch making it feel different or maybe harder to put your needle into that twisted stitch when you knit it on the next row.

*the first stitch of your new row will be worked with the contrasting colour

*you are always alternating your colours. 1 contrasting colour then 1 main colour and the colours are opposite to the row worked below.

*when you are finished the four small squares you will have squares 1 and 2 the same and 3 and 4 will be the same. When you are ready to use the mattress stitch to join them together double check that you have the 2 matching squares facing the same direction.

*There will be some pictures posted towards the end of the week to help with the joining.

Is anyone asking why in the world are we bothering to knit with a colour in each hand? It is because once you get the technique down it is much faster than just using one hand and switching colours every other stitch. Plus using the two handed method will keep your yarns from twisting around each other.

If anyone is having problems, please send me an email and I can help you with whatever part you are having trouble with. We are also getting together at Carrie's Quilting and Knitting shop on Saturday morning from 10-12 so feel free to stop in for some extra help. Good luck and remember that of all the blocks we will be knitting this summer, this one will most likely be the most difficult. Next week's block is fun to knit. We will be doing the log cabin!!

Happy knitting!

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