Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warning, Tape Measures Lie!!

Take a look at this. The numbers on the white tape measure are way off. With the yellow one the square measures 13" with the white one 10".

We discovered this Monday night at our class when I was measuring a sample of the mitered squares to show that it was about 4 1/4" square. I measured with the white tape measure and it came out at 3 1/4". Hmmm. Now I knew that it was the right measurement (4 1/4) because I had just knit it that afternoon and had double checked it at home before I left for the class. We switched measuring tapes and sure enough the square was the right measurement. Crazy. I'm not even sure where the white measuring tape came from. All I can hope for is that I didn't use it to measure my gauge on the sweater that I am knitting! It is hard enough to get the right gauge to ensure a proper fit without a faulty measuring tape!!

My square turned out to be 13" instead of 12" (no matter what tape measure I used) so I have a little fudging to do. I have a plan. Stay tuned.

Happy knitting. I am off to mini golf in the rain :(

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