Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Knitting at the Beach

Last Sunday was the Knitting Goddesses knitting day at the beach. It certainly wasn't the best beach weather but that didn't stop us from having a fantastic time. We met under the covered picnic area with our lawn chairs, snacks, drinks and our current knitting projects. The newest cataloges from Mary Maxim and Knitpicks were looked at and potential orders discussed. How many knitters does it take to make a tricky increase? In this case (middle picture) Carol gets a helping hand when working on an increase row on her cable block. Good problem solving ladies! I continued to work on my blue shawl. Unfortunately, most of my time was spent fixing mistakes. The last time I worked on it which was at the guild meeting, it seems that I spent too much time talking and not enough time counting and I ended up with the craziest looking leaf pattern you have ever seen. I remember knitting one row and having 1 extra stitch and thinking I would continue on and purl the next row and hope that it wasn't that noticeable. On the next lace row I ended up 1 stitch short. Did that set off any warning bells? Nope, I continued on again. After a couple more rows with the pattern still not working out, I stopped to look at it. The mistakes were noticeable. Without even thinking about it I pulled out my needle and ripped out about 6 rows to were I thought I had gotten off track. I do this all of the time and normally having all of those live stitches just sitting there doesn't bother me and I pick them all up without a problem. Not this time (sigh). For every stitch that I picked up the next one or two would drop. Once I had what was left of the row back on the needle, I unknit a row stitch by stitch to get myself back to a complete row of stitches. Now I am ready to begin again but being more careful this time.