Monday, September 7, 2009

Cottage Trip Day One

The kids and I are back from our yearly vacation at the cottage. We started our cottage trip by making some extra stops along the way. We stopped at an antique store that we pass every year that I have always wanted to go into. They had lots of nice things but I walked out without anything. (I like to remind myself about this stop because is proves that I do have some self control!) A few years ago, we came across a great restaurant in Listowel and we stopped there to have lunch. We spent some time looking around the town and much to my children's disappointment, they couldn't talk me out of making my traditional shopping trip at the Spinrite outlet. I thought I did quite well at limiting my yarn buying and left with only one bag containing one ball of cotton and some Kroy sock yarn. The Mexicala Stripes is a bright, fun self striping yarn. Copper Colours is shades of copper and rusts, Camo Colours is shades of brown with a hint of blue, Cadet Colours is shades of blue, black and grey and Cascade Colours is shades of blue, green, black and brown.

The next stop was at a used book store that also sells pottery (the pottery was an added bonus that I wasn't aware of when I stopped). When I asked where the craft section was I was told it was in the back room. What I wasn't told was that I would literally have to climb over a motorcycle that was in storage to be able to look at the books that seemed to have been left there as an after thought. But it was worth it because I found this knitting book. The title "Modern Knitting" does make me laugh as the book is quite old. Unfortunately, there is no copyright date in it. This is a picture of a coloured snood. The caption under the picture reads "Practical and gay, the coloured snood will always find favour, especially with the woman who is growing her hair! It is so quickly and easily made you can have one to match every frock." As for the pottery, what can I say. I had a weak moment!

From here on I had to promise there would be no more stops until we arrived at the cottage. The rest of the drive was uneventful with just a quick stop at the grocery store. We spent the evening relaxing and going for a walk at sunset to the lighthouse. It was a good day.

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