Monday, September 21, 2009

Help For Short Row Heel Knitters

Knitting the short row heel really isn't that complicated. Knitting the first half of the heel is done over 18 rows if you have 32 heel sts. It is just a matter of knitting or purling one less stitch on every row until you have wrapped and turned 9 stitches on each end and have 14 sts left in the middle for your heel. Here are pictures to show step by step how to wrap and turn a knit stitch.

Picture #1 shows the yarn in back, with the slipped stitched from the left needle on the right hand needle.

Picture #2 shows the yarn has been wrapped around to the front of the stitch.

Picture #3 shows the left needle slipping the wrapped stitch back to the left needle.

Picture #4 shows the stitch back on the left needle with the wrapped yarn still in front.

Picture #5 shows the work turned to the purl side and the yarn has been brought to the front of the work again ready to purl the next row.

You have now completed the wrap and turn and are ready to purl across the row. You will be purling one less stitch so you will be stopping at the first unwrapped stitch from the end of the needle. If in doubt if the stitch has already been wrapped, look at it from the knit side. You can see the wrap on both sides of your work but you may find it easier to see the wrap on the knit side.

Hope this helps!!

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