Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knitting Goddesses of Elgin County

That is our new official name. I always consider September to the the start of our knitting year so during our meeting last night we started off by taking care of some business items. Carrie, the wonderful shop owner who lets us use her shop for our meetings had two great ideas. We are going to have a sign made up to hang in the store and we will have membership cards printed for the guild members. We discussed going on two knitting trips. The first is to the Fleece Festival in Woodstock on Saturday, October 17 and the second is the Creative Festival in Toronto on Sunday October 18. For anyone interested, leave your name with Carrie. The challenge project for the guild is a scarf. Choose any pattern or make up your own. Anything goes, be creative with the yarn, colours, texture, edgings, width, and length. We will show off the finished scarves at the December meeting.

We all tried our hand at the mobeius cast on. It is something you either get right off the bat or you don't and most of us didn't! Thankfully Chris had it figured out within minutes of reading the instructions and was able to give us all a lesson. It was an interesting technique to try but in the end everyone continued on their current knitting project which happened to be mostly socks (and a mitten). A lot of these socks had just been started on Monday night and look at how far everyone is! Great looking socks everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louise -- The Clever Cat's email is down, but I want to return Rebecca's Vortex Shawl to her, with a thank-you. Could you email me at, please and thanks?

Sue M.