Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Football and Knitting

My plan for today was to watch football all day and knit. Unfortunately, I did have to sneak some other things in there as well (laundry, cooking, etc.) so most of my football watching and knitting didn't happen until the evening. I did manage to cast off on my second toe up sock so I have a pair finished and ready to wear!

I did manage to fit in a lot of time on Ravelry today and found a hat and two scarf patterns that I really want to start. Hopefully soon I will have pictures to show you of new and exciting projects. Plus, I found the pattern for the Knitting Goddeses scarf challenge project but it has to remain a secret until our December meeting. I can't wait to look through my stash to find the wool for these projects. The only thing standing in my way is the purple sweater. I have the back and both fronts knit it just needs the sleeves and the edging. With any luck it will be finished for Friday morning. I am heading off to do the shoulder seams now and watch the last half of the game. Good night!

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