Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toe Up Tips

Good morning sock knitters! How is everyone making out with their first sock? Did you make is through the increases without any trouble? Here are some points to remember as you are knitting with two circular needles.

*You always want the right side of your knitting facing you.

*Always knit with the end of the same needle that your stitches are on while the other needle hangs holding the other half of your stitches.

*When starting a new needle, your working yarn will always be attached to the bottom needle on the right side

*Just like with dpn's, remember to pull your yarn tight on the first couple of stitches of a new needle to prevent those ladders from appearing.

*Remember to keep your working yarn behind the resting needle when you are knitting the first stitch on the new needle so you don't get an extra wrap or yarn over the resting needle.

* Double check your gauge. We were trying for 8 stitches per inch but the best way to know if your socks are going to fit is to try them on. If you need to do a few more or less increase rows to make the toe wider or narrower feel free to do so. Just keep an even number of stitches. We will adjust the heel stitches when we get there.

*Continue knitting until you are 2 1/2" short of the total length of your foot. This is where we will start the short row heel.

Tonight is the Knitting Goddesses knitting guild meeting. We have lots going on tonight. Our topic tonight will be Moebius knitting, we will have a new challenge project to start, a pattern of the month, discuss some possible day trips and of course we will have the yarn draw at the end of the night. See you all tonight!

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