Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turning the Short Row Heel

Once you have working the first half of your heel you will have the 9 wrapped stitches on both sides and your heel stitches in the middle. Now you are going to work in stocking stitch and increase the number of stitches worked by one on each row until you are purling all 32 sts. To prevent gaps between the wrapped stitches you need to pick up the wrap and the stitch together then knit or purl them together. Then you will be wrapping and turning the next stitch. This stitch will now have 2 wraps. When working a stitch with 2 wraps, you will be knitting or purling 3 together. The 2 wraps plus the stitch. It will seem tricky to get all 3 sts pulled through together but they will go! I work my purled stitches in the back of the stitch for an added twist to prevent a gap.

Once you have your heel turned (pictures 1 & 2), you are going to start knitting in the round again using both needles. Take a look at the gap between the needles (picture 3). I have to say that this is the largest gap I have ever had while knitting socks. I got distracted while knitting today in a waiting room and at some point turned my work without wrapping the next stitch so my count ended up being off which I am assuming is the cause for the size of the gap. It fits ok so I am just going to carry on. If there is a gap (picture 4 shows the gap when the first stitch is knit on the new needle (long) without picking up additional sts), to prevent a hole, pick up one (or in my case 2)stitches between the needles to close the gap (picture 5). Slip the new stitches onto the right needle. You will need to do this on the other side of the heel at the needle join as well. On the next round, knit 2 stitches together to return to the original stitch count. Now you are home free. Knit around until the sock is the length you like with the ribbing. Next class we will practice the cast off.

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