Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Felted Bag #2

Here is the start of my second felted bag. I decided to change the colours for this bag from black, forest green and orange to forest green, lime green and olive. So far I am liking how it is turning out. I am following the same pattern that was written for a worsted weight wool but substituting a chunky wool instead so of course it is turning out larger. I think I will just knit it a few inches longer to balance it out. Most of what has been knit so far has been done in the continental style where you hold the working yarn in the left hand. So far I wouldn't say I am knitting any faster (which is supposed to be true for this type of knitting) but I am certainly much more comfortable knitting this way even though I still have to look at the stitches as I am knitting them. This has meant that a couple of times I had to switch back to holding the yarn in my right hand so I could multitask and keep knitting. Hopefully the speed will come soon to help me meet my Christmas knitting deadlines! I can feel a repeat of the last few Christmas happening again. Why I leave everything to the last possible moment is beyond me. One of these years I really will start my Christmas knitting in the summer.

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