Monday, October 26, 2009

Felted Bags and a Mitten

That is what we were knitting tonight in our knitting class. It was second class for the felted bags and everyone is doing a great job. Once again, there are wonderful colour and pattern choices with no two bags the same. One bag is even being knit in a Fair Isle pattern and looks amazing! A knitter we have not seen for a while, joined us to finish the thumbs on her mittens. Seeing someone knit mitts was just the inspiration I needed to get me ready to start my own mitts.

Some of you were wondering about the fate of the purple sweater. I finished knitting it a while ago and then slowly worked at sewing in the ends. The sweater is still at Carrie's shop waiting to be picked up by it's lucky new owner and Becky was a good sport to model it even though it was way too big on her. It was a good job we pulled it out to look at it as I had missed sewing in two ends. (This sweater just won't go away!)

I started another bag today and have the bottom knit and I am just working on picking up the stitches to begin knitting in the round. I guess the bag beat out the mitts as the next project. Knitting this second bag will give me some more time to decide on the mitten patterns to start in a few days...cables, fair isle, worsted weight, sock weight....there is lots to choose from.

Happy knitting!

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