Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purple Sweater Countdown

Just for fun I thought I would try to figure out roughly how many hours I have ahead of me to finish both sleeves and the boarder on the purple sweater. For the sleeves, I am working in stocking stitch and decreasing on both ends of every 4th row for 20 times. I am estimating the cuff will take about 14 rows of this broken ribbing stitch (k1, p1 across the row then knit the next row). I timed myself knitting the repeat of 4 rows for the decreasing and it took me 20 mins. So, if my math is correct, this is what I figured out.

Sleeve #1 - 11 repeats of the 4 rows remaining at 20 mins each = 3.5 hours
Cuff of sleeve #1 = 1 hour
Picking up stitches for sleeve #2 = 1 hour
Sleeve #2 - 20 repeats at 20 mins each = 7 hours
Cuff for sleeve #2 - 1 hour
Seaming body and sleeve - 2 hours (an hour for each side)
Boarder - 4 hours??? (totally guessing on this one)

This works out to be a grand total of 19.5 hours. This sweater could almost be finished this weekend. I am babysitting for most of the weekend but I can multitask.

The yarn in the picture is for the next project (a felted bag) patiently waiting to be started.

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