Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, here it is!! This bag is knit from Patons Classic Wool. To knit the bag it took one full ball of green and about half a ball of the orange. The unfelted measurements were 13" wide and 14" long.

Tonight at our knitting class, for fun we started hand felting this bag. That is a lot of work! The felting process had started but we were not even close to the end result. This is how it looked after being in a hot wash in the washing machine for 8 mins. I took it out and was happy with the size so I hand rinsed it and put it back into the washer to spin out the excess water. The felted size is 9"x9". Now it just needs the i-cord handles and the embellishments and it will be ready to use.

For those knitters who are working on this project, here are some helpful hints to know.
-when you change colours don't worry about the stair step/jog in your stripe because you won't see it.
-don't get too fancy with your pattern. It did blend more than I had thought it might.
-remember to put something that will not felt into the holes for the handles (I didn't and I know we just talked about it...short memory) but I was able to open the holes back up with a little bit of work.

I am happy with how my bag turned out. Good luck with your projects!

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