Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finished Bag #2

Well, here is the second felted bag. The unfelted measurements were 15" tall and 19" wide. The felted measurements are 7" tall and 16" wide. It shrunk way more height wise than width wise. I know that this is what happens during the felting process but my original plan for this bag was to be taller. What I didn't expect was that it would get wider after the first wash in hot water. It came out at 21"! This bag ended up going through three or four washes and the dryer to shrink the width and as a result the height continued to shrink as well. I have read that one of the benefits of hand felting is that you can control the direction your project shrinks depending on the way you rub it on a wash board. Has anyone tried this? I wasn't about to go to that much work. I just put it into the washer again. Even though the finished size isn't what I had been hoping for I still like how it turned out.

My knitting projects for the last few days has been dishcloths for Christmas. It has been fun to knit such small and quick projects. These dishcloths are somehow making me feel less stress over my Christmas knitting even though the large projects have yet to be started. There is still six weeks to go. Lots of time. I am not worried yet.

Mittens are the project for tonight. So I am off to search through the totes storing my wool and then try to find 4 dpns the same size. This might take longer than actually knitting the first mitten! Pictures tomorrow.

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DropStitchChris said...

Hey! I like it is soooo different from your first one, isn't it??
I have also been working on dishclothes...I'm not feeling at all well but hope to be better for monday night....I must be better!!! I so want to make mitts!!