Monday, November 30, 2009

Finished Top Down Mitts

I am so excited to have these mitts finished and I mean totally finished, all of the ends are sewn in as well!

Knitting these mitts from the top down was fun for a change. This pair was knit with Paton's Classic Wool on 4 double pointed needles and I just made up the colour pattern as I went along. That part was a lot of fun! The most difficult part on this project was doing the Magic Cast On with the dpns. I found that you had to cast on loosely to have enough play with the yarn to get the first round knit. If you survive that, lol, the rest is a piece of cake! You work increasing rows until you have reached the size that fits your hand then it is straight knitting until you are ready for the thumb placement. Then continue knitting until you reach your wrist then switch to ribbing and work until the cuff is the desired length. Not to hard at all.

Knitting the after thought thumb using a piece of waste yarn was very easy to do and does make a nice thumb. The first two pictures show the waste yarn marking the thumb stitches and then the live stitches that are picked up once the waste yarn is picked out.

I would knit these again but I do still like the traditional method of cuff up. I am working on a pair of mitts that are to be knit on 2 straight needles (I am using a circular needles and knitting back and forth, not in the round) to make a mitt that will be seamed together. These are a very fast knit, I am just working on the top shaping and one will be finished. More about this pair tomorrow.

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knitty_kat said...

They turned out really nice! I love the colours . . . looks like a nice little change up to keep things interesting!