Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Lost Is Found!

Oh my goodness. I have been looking for this Noro yarn for weeks. This is what happens when you clean up. I new exactly where I left it after I bought it. In a bag on the dining room floor between the table the the hutch. Then I started cleaning the dining room so it could actually be used as a dining room for Christmas and I have been looking in boxes and totes ever since to find this yarn again! I had success tonight! I had stuck it in a box that it did not belong in (when will I learn??)

This yarn it going to be knit into an Entrelac scarf. I have 4 50g balls of Noro Silk Garden. This will be my New Years project. One more dishcloth finished and another started...almost there!

Happy New Years Eve everyone. Have a good night!!

It Is A Miracle

It is a small miracle. I have managed to please teenagers! They like their hats and have been wearing public! I am totally hooked on knitting all of my hats top down from now on (I have another one almost finished, just working on the ribbing)so far they have fit perfectly every time.

I managed to get one more dishcloth finished today and knit a few rounds on the sweater. I had someone tease me today about what would I be doing on New Year's Eve...knitting? It seems like a perfect way to end one year and start the next to me. Plus I may need the knitting time to get everything finished. There are always more projects than time.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Presents

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that Santa filled your stockings with yarn!

No yarn for me this year. It seems that my whole family thinks that I already have too much yarn and they were not about to add to the stash. Obviously, they are not knitters and do not understand the bond between a knitter and her yarn! Some people cautiously looked into my knitting room and noted that it was fuller than before. They would be right. In order to host a family Christmas I had to gather all of the yarn from the dining room and living room, box it up and add another row of boxes on top of what was already piled at head height in my knitting room.

I did get two great knitting books. Knitting Over the Edge and Knitting Beyond the Edge by Nicky Epstein. I am so excited to have these books in my library and can't wait to try some of her interesting edgings, cuffs and collars.

Most of my Christmas knitting did get finished but it did keep me busy right up to Christmas Eve.

My current project is a top down raglan pullover for my niece. It is coming along nicely so far. I will be seeing her on Friday for our last family celebration so I will be able to check the size. I have been guessing a little bit at the sizing so we will see how well I did!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guild Meeting

Tonight was the Knitting Goddess's knitting guild meeting. We had a lot of fun! We started the meeting with a talk from Sue from The Clever Cat Knits who talked about dyeing wool and other fibres. She brought samples of the silk, mohair, merino, cashmere and alpaca that she dyes in incredible colour ways. She sells online. This could be dangerous!

We had our unveiling of our scarf challenge project. Everyone had wonderful scarves with no two alike. Great choices of colours and patterns ladies!

One of our newest members who has only been coming out to our guild meetings and our Friday morning knitting groups since October has been one very busy knitter. She is shown here with 7 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mitts, and 2 scarves!! Excellent knitting! It is great to have such an enthusiastic knitter join our group.

Christmas knitting update - two neck warmers on the go.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another One Finished!

Slowly but surely knitted gifts are being knit. Here is another top down hat. This was knit using two 50g balls of superwash wool held double on two 6mm circular needles. I started this hat using the circulars and not the dpns. I enjoy knitting with the circulars over the dpns as you can just try it on any time you want to as you are knitting as in the first picture. Just be careful of the needle ends! I also don't seem to have any ladders knitting this way which is an extra bonus.

Neck warmers are next on the knitting list. I hope everyone's Christmas knitting is on schedule!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Top Down Hat

I am really loving this top down knitting. This hat was knit with no pattern and (sit down before reading any farther) no gauge swatch. For all of you who know me, you know that I always stress the importance of checking your gauge but with this hat there is no need to. You try it on as you go and knit it until it fits.

This hat is knit with an unidentified chunky weight yarn and I started out using 4 double pointed needles size 6mm. You begin by casting on 8 sts, dividing them onto 3 needles and joining in the round. Then you begin alternating an increase round with a knit round until the hat is large enough to fit the top of your head. Then you continue knitting until it is the length you want it and add whatever you like for ribbing and you have a hat that fits you perfectly!

After I had the increasing finished I took the time to dig out two 6mm circular needles to finish the hat. It was too much trouble to keep going on the dpns as there was just enough stitches on all three needles that the end stitches would always drop off the needle. Knitting on the two circular needles also makes it possible to try on the hat whenever you want to to check the size and length. This was a great way to knit a hat. One gift finished, many more to go!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Needle Mittens

These were fun and fast to knit! They were knit out of Paton's Classic Wool that was dyed with Kool Aid in the microwave. Straight needles (or a circular needle used to knit back and forth not joining your work) were used to knit a one piece mitten that had you knit the thumb as you got to it and then continued on with the rest of the mitt. At the end the mitten was sewn together. This was a definite plus for anyone who doesn't like going back to finish knitting the thumbs!

I am close to finishing a top down hat and have new yarn ready to start one of the teddy bears. More details soon. Happy Christmas knitting everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Christmas Gifts

Here are 11 dishcloths ready to go to a family Christmas this afternoon. As you can see, this was what kept me busy knitting this week. In my attempt to be organized I did have three of these knit a couple of weeks ago and then I fell back into a mitten knitting mode. Luckily, I was able to find two dishcloths that I had knit a few months ago so that left me with 6 to knit this week (plus a tiny bit of mitten knitting). As of last night they were knit, ends sewn in and packed ready to go - a whole 12 hours before they were needed! This is giving me hope for the rest of my knitted gifts.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clothes pins!

This water bottle cover was knit by a new knitter that joined our knitting group in London at Sherwood Forest Mall. This was her first project using double pointed needles and she was determined that she was going to master those dpns! After a few tries at casting on, joining in the round and beginning the ribbing pattern at the knitting club, she went home to continue knitting. The following week when we all met again, we were eager to see how she had made out on her own. She laughed and said the stitches kept falling off the needles! A trip to the dollar store for these miniature clothes pins fixed that problem. Where there is a will there is a way! Great job Grace!