Friday, December 11, 2009

Top Down Hat

I am really loving this top down knitting. This hat was knit with no pattern and (sit down before reading any farther) no gauge swatch. For all of you who know me, you know that I always stress the importance of checking your gauge but with this hat there is no need to. You try it on as you go and knit it until it fits.

This hat is knit with an unidentified chunky weight yarn and I started out using 4 double pointed needles size 6mm. You begin by casting on 8 sts, dividing them onto 3 needles and joining in the round. Then you begin alternating an increase round with a knit round until the hat is large enough to fit the top of your head. Then you continue knitting until it is the length you want it and add whatever you like for ribbing and you have a hat that fits you perfectly!

After I had the increasing finished I took the time to dig out two 6mm circular needles to finish the hat. It was too much trouble to keep going on the dpns as there was just enough stitches on all three needles that the end stitches would always drop off the needle. Knitting on the two circular needles also makes it possible to try on the hat whenever you want to to check the size and length. This was a great way to knit a hat. One gift finished, many more to go!

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