Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost to the sleeves

I am getting there! This sweater is certainly taking longer to knit than the smaller size but I still love doing it. The first ball is almost finished so that is making me feel like I am making some progress. I still have about 2" to knit before I will be ready to knit the sleeves and I am hoping to have most of that done by late tonight. Then I get to do the fun part, try it on! Knitting the sleeves is going to seem like a breeze. It is going to have so many less stitches. I can't wait!

My poor scarf has been almost forgotten about since Monday night. I have only done one row of rectangles. Any spare time I have had has been to used to get another round done on the sweater. The scarf will be my weekend project.

Happy knitting :)

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