Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Shawl

Here is one of my new skeins from the Clever Cat Knits all wound up and ready to knit.

I was having a hard time deciding which of the four skeins I would knit with first. It was suggested that I start with the one that I liked the least. That sounded like a good starting point to me. The Delphinium, while very pretty, is not really my colour but I have to say that since it has been wound I like it better. Don't get me wrong, it still doesn't hold a candle to the beautiful brown, orange and greens of the other skeins but I think that the shades of blue, lavender and pinks will knit up nicely into the new Citron shawl that is in the current issue of knitty. Everything is ready, I have the pattern printed out and have decided on which needle I am going to use. Now the only thing standing in the way is for the body of the blue, top down sweater to be finished (or really, really close to being done) before I cast on.

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