Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Finished, Another One Started

Here is the start of my new sweater. It is knit with hempwol from hemp for knitting. As the name implies, it is a blend of 65% wool and 35% hemp. It is very nice to knit with especially after that pink acrylic. I don't usually mind knitting with acrylics but that one was not very soft at all. I love this colour of blue even though it is not my usual choice of green, brown or orange. This sweater is also being knit from the top down following the same guidelines as the pink sweater. So far I have cast on at the neck opening and I am knitting downwards increasing as I go until this piece is large enough to go all the way around the neck then it will be joined and worked in the round down towards the shoulders. I am going to have a hard time putting this project down tonight to work on the entrelac scarf. I may have to keep switching back and forth from project to project. The next set of pictures will show which project won out :)

The sweater is finished and it fits her great!

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La Cabeza Grande said...

That wildflower blue is simply delightful - and a welcome respite from the snowy gray of winter.