Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic results

Well, here it is. My olympic knitting goal had been to knit a pair of socks two at a time using the magic loop method. As you can see I didn't even get close to a pair of socks and to make matters worse they were to be a child's size.

I did manage to master the casting on and getting the first few rounds completed which was a small feat itself. I learned that markers are a tremendous help in marking the beginning of the round and distinguishing between the two socks because you have to remember if you are knitting the first or second sock and if you are on the first or second needle. My biggest concern for knitting two at a time was ending up with a huge tangled mess from using two balls at a time. This didn't end up being that much of a problem it just took remembering to turn your work in the other direction at the end of every row to untwist the yarn.

The biggest stumbling block ended up being that I wasn't really interested in knitting socks right now. I was at the start, but as I worked away at it I found it slow going. Each time that I started over, three times I think, I found the process easier and faster and I have no doubt that someday I will knit a pair of socks this way. In the end I spent my time knitting my sweater.

I may not have met my olympic goal but I am happy that I have learned the process and some tips along the way and that I am one sleeve closer to wearing my sweater!

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