Friday, March 26, 2010

This Week's Knitting

It has been a slower knitting week than usual but I did manage to finish five dishcloths and start another one.

Four to them are just the really quick garter stitch diamond shape ones. The pink one is one of my favorite patterns the ridge stitch. The one in progress is a pattern starting from the center and working out in a stripe pattern to use up the part balls left over from the other cloths. So far it seems to be working out well except for one misplaced yarn over. I know other knitters have tried projects knit from the center and the center has not laid flat for them. I am planning on making an afghan for a Christmas present using this pattern so I thought I would test knit it with a dishcloth. While it was on the needles the center square was puckering but once off the needles it flattened out. Once I fix the off center yarn over, I will continue and see how it goes. Will it lay flat as more rounds are added to it or will it begin to bunch up? Stay tuned for this exciting conclusion, lol!

By the way, all of this cotton was donated by one of the Knitting Goddesses who generously gave up her cotton when she heard of my other knitting group's need to knit 70 dishcloths in the next month. Thanks, this was a great help!!

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