Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday night knitting

Monday night was the last of our get togethers to work on unfinished projects. This picture shows a pair of finished socks and a wrap and scarves that are getting close to being finished.

Here is a finished sweater that was knit from the top down. It fits you perfectly and looks great. Congratulations on your first finished sweater!

Here is our honourary member. Don't let him fool you though, he really isn't knitting he would only hold the needles. I haven't given up hope for him yet though!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Green Hat

It is finished! I can't tell you how glad I am that this hat is done. I like the finished hat but I did not enjoy knitting this.

I liked the yarn and I didn't mind the pattern but the two together just didn't seem to work. The k1 tbl, p1 for the entire hat seemed to be endless and on the few occasions when I had to pull out the cable section due to my inability to count correctly the 7 sts that were needed for the cable, it was almost impossible to pick up stitches without them dropping down to the row below.

Thankfully it is finished, it fits and I am moving on to socks!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guild Night

My goodness, where has this week gone? It is Saturday already and I hadn't shared with you the fun we had on Wed night at the Knitting Goddess guild meeting.

At our February meeting everyone was given the challenge of picking out a bag of yarn and coming up with a knitted item for charity using that yarn. The projects were to be brought back at this month's meeting. Here is what everyone came up with!

Starting on the left are three hats. There are two ear flap hats and the middle red and yellow hat matches the two scarves in the middle of the picture. In the middle of the picture there is a beautiful purple scarf with the fringe that has a wonderful pattern in the scarf and a textured pattern in white just above the fringe. The next multi coloured scarf was knit side to side in seed stitch. The next two scarves match the yellow and red hat. The pastel coloured scarf is a lovely short scarf that has a fringe all the way around the long edge giving it a great look. Down the right side of the picture are five more hats. Some were knit holding two strands of yarn together, one was knit in a rib pattern, one in a fair isle pattern and one with a cable pattern. Across the bottom of the picture is another great hat done in ribbing and a moebius scarf. Last but not least, along the top of the picture is a lovely baby blanket that was knit from the center outwards.

Congratulations to everyone who took on this challenge and came up with such creative and colourful designs!

After the unveiling of our charity projects, we all knit a sample of graded knitting. It is a clever technique that uses solid colours of yarn to give your knitting a varigated or striped look. The idea is that you always are knitting with two strands of yarn. You start out with two strands of the same colour (lets say green) and knit a few rows. Then you cut one strand strand of green and join one strand of another colour (lets say yellow). Continue knitting with the two colours (one green and one yellow) for a few rows and then cut the old colour (green) and join a second strand of the same colour you joined the last time (yellow) so you are working with two strands of the same colour (yellow) again. Knit a few rows and then repeat the process by cutting one of the strands and adding a new colour. This is what you end up with! It is very simple knitting and a great way to use up yarn and a great alternative to a regular striped pattern.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April is Unfinished Project Month

We had decided that April would be a month for finishing up projects that had gotten set aside for one reason or another.

Our Monday night class time has been used for this purpose and over the last couple of weeks people have been knitting sweaters, scarves, dishcloths, hats, and socks in an attempt to free up our needles for new projects!

Here is my finished vest. I struggled to get a good picture of it and really didn't succeed. This is a version of a "no pattern" vest that we received from a yarn shop at the Creative Festival in Toronto last fall. I did a slight modification and picked up stitches along the bottom and front edges and worked some short rows along the front to give it some slight shaping.

Next on my list of projects to finish is the green hat and a pair of socks.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Project

This lovely green yarn is Patons Silk Bamboo and with a little bit of luck, it will turn into this hat by Friday afternoon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Workshop Fun!

Yesterday was our workshop and we had a great day!

We spent the morning with Rose from RK Beads learning to make a necklace. Rose supplied us with kits that had a template with the design already marked out, pins and an assortment of really cool beads. There was lots of yarn to pick from so we had our choice of colour, weight and texture that we wanted to use for our necklace. Rose walked us through wrapping the foundation row of yarn and then how to weave in the other colours and how to add the beads. This was a lot of fun!! This picture shows some of our work in progress.

During the break and at the end of this workshop, we all had a chance to try out needle felting. Rose supplied us with pieces of felted wool and pieces of roving. This was also a lot of fun!

We spent the afternoon with Sue from the Clever Cat Knits and dyed wool! What else can I say, this was fun too! The colours that everyone came up with were just amazing. Sue had brought along some different fibres so we could see the difference in how acrylic, alpaca, cotton and silk take the dye.

Thanks ladies for joining me for this fun day! I am already starting to plan the workshop for next year!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday's Workshop

This coming Saturday, only 5 days away, the Knitting Goddesses Guild will be hosting our first workshop. It has been a lot of fun to plan and I can't believe it is almost here!

The workshops are taking place in Springfield (north of Aylmer) from 9-4 and the day will be split into two three hour workshops. One of the workshops will be led by Rose from RK Beads. She will be showing us how to make a necklace similar to the sample in the picture which is made by weaving yarn and adding beads. She will also be giving us an introduction to needle felting.

In the other three hour workshop, we will be dyeing a skein of wool. Sue from The Clever Cat Knits will be walking us through the process from starting with a white skein of wool to mixing the dyes and dip dyeing the skein in colours of our choice. In the picture below is a sample of Sue's hand dyed wool.

(If there are crazy numbers and letters that show up on the screen after I post this...sorry. Technology is not my strong point. I am not sure why they are there and I have tried my best to remove them but I don't think I suceeded.)

There are still a few spot available if anyone would like to join the Knitting Goddesses for a fun filled day. If you are interested, please leave me a comment.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Challenging Challenge Yarn

Well, remember that challenge yarn? Here it is.

Now, you might think that I just didn't get around to trying out my idea for this yarn and that is why it looks pretty much the same as it did in the last picture. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This yarn has been a hat and ripped out, a scarf and ripped out, a cowl and ripped out, it has been knit with the yarn doubled and ended up being too tight and ripped out, it has been knit with just a single strand and ended up being too loose and ripped out. My excellent pattern idea that I had in my head didn't turn out anyway that I tried it. So here it has sat for the last three days while I decided to work on this.

This is the start of a garter stitch vest that I plan to wear on Saturday to our workshop. The left front and half of the back are knit. The armhole doesn't show in the picture but there is one in there. The plan is to finish the back on Monday, the right front on Tuesday and do the edging on Wednesday.

Then back to the challenge project. I have a new plan.