Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guild Night

My goodness, where has this week gone? It is Saturday already and I hadn't shared with you the fun we had on Wed night at the Knitting Goddess guild meeting.

At our February meeting everyone was given the challenge of picking out a bag of yarn and coming up with a knitted item for charity using that yarn. The projects were to be brought back at this month's meeting. Here is what everyone came up with!

Starting on the left are three hats. There are two ear flap hats and the middle red and yellow hat matches the two scarves in the middle of the picture. In the middle of the picture there is a beautiful purple scarf with the fringe that has a wonderful pattern in the scarf and a textured pattern in white just above the fringe. The next multi coloured scarf was knit side to side in seed stitch. The next two scarves match the yellow and red hat. The pastel coloured scarf is a lovely short scarf that has a fringe all the way around the long edge giving it a great look. Down the right side of the picture are five more hats. Some were knit holding two strands of yarn together, one was knit in a rib pattern, one in a fair isle pattern and one with a cable pattern. Across the bottom of the picture is another great hat done in ribbing and a moebius scarf. Last but not least, along the top of the picture is a lovely baby blanket that was knit from the center outwards.

Congratulations to everyone who took on this challenge and came up with such creative and colourful designs!

After the unveiling of our charity projects, we all knit a sample of graded knitting. It is a clever technique that uses solid colours of yarn to give your knitting a varigated or striped look. The idea is that you always are knitting with two strands of yarn. You start out with two strands of the same colour (lets say green) and knit a few rows. Then you cut one strand strand of green and join one strand of another colour (lets say yellow). Continue knitting with the two colours (one green and one yellow) for a few rows and then cut the old colour (green) and join a second strand of the same colour you joined the last time (yellow) so you are working with two strands of the same colour (yellow) again. Knit a few rows and then repeat the process by cutting one of the strands and adding a new colour. This is what you end up with! It is very simple knitting and a great way to use up yarn and a great alternative to a regular striped pattern.

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knitty_kat said...

My goodness! I can't tell you how fabulous that is! The challenge, the results - it's all great!! (sounds like a great group)