Sunday, April 11, 2010

Workshop Fun!

Yesterday was our workshop and we had a great day!

We spent the morning with Rose from RK Beads learning to make a necklace. Rose supplied us with kits that had a template with the design already marked out, pins and an assortment of really cool beads. There was lots of yarn to pick from so we had our choice of colour, weight and texture that we wanted to use for our necklace. Rose walked us through wrapping the foundation row of yarn and then how to weave in the other colours and how to add the beads. This was a lot of fun!! This picture shows some of our work in progress.

During the break and at the end of this workshop, we all had a chance to try out needle felting. Rose supplied us with pieces of felted wool and pieces of roving. This was also a lot of fun!

We spent the afternoon with Sue from the Clever Cat Knits and dyed wool! What else can I say, this was fun too! The colours that everyone came up with were just amazing. Sue had brought along some different fibres so we could see the difference in how acrylic, alpaca, cotton and silk take the dye.

Thanks ladies for joining me for this fun day! I am already starting to plan the workshop for next year!

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Anonymous said...

You all look like you were having so much fun!