Thursday, May 6, 2010

Magic Loop

For the sock knitters who have started knitting their socks using the Magic Loop method, here are some pictures and hopefully clear instructions to help anyone out that maybe having some trouble.

To begin, the needles will pointing to the right with the wrong side facing up and the working yarn attached to the back needle on the right hand side.

We are going to knit the stitches on the front needle. To do this, the needle has to be pushed to the left into the stitches.

Turn your knitting so the right side is facing you. The working yarn is now attached to the bottom needle on the right side.

Pull the bottom needles out to the right and around to the front so you have a loop of cable at each end of your needles.

You are now ready to knit across this row of stitches. The right side of your knitting should still be facing you.

Once you have knit across the row, your left needle will now be empty. Turn the needle tips towards you counter clockwise to the right and turn the work so the wrong side is facing up. Repeat these steps.

Hope this helps!

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