Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Started

I had the house all to myself this morning and what a better way to spend some of it then by winding my new wool. I think this wool is going to become a cowl of some sort.

I had to take one more picture of the skein before it was wound.

These two kittens kept me company for the morning. Thankfully, they haven't discovered the joy of playing with wool yet!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yesterday's Knitting

The afghan is coming along well. This is my progress as of yesterday afternoon. The pattern only has a 4 row repeat so I find it very easy to knit without the chart in front of me. Which also means that every once in a while when I do a left cable instead of a right cable or some other silly mistake, it is easy to pull out and to know what row you are on. This makes it a great project to take along wherever I am going. That is why it came with me yesterday when we got invited to a friends pool. It was a great pool side knitting project. (Thanks again for the invite!)

Here is a close up of the cable pattern. This strip is now finished.

After making my initial swatch I was sure that one 100g ball of yarn would knit four strips. I am still sure that it will but it is going to be very, very close. I keep running to the scale to weigh the ball of yarn. I started with 95g, (I used 5g of this blue in the knit below pattern 2 rounds ago). These two strips used 45g - I have exactly 50g left which sounds like good news since I just have another two strips to knit using 45g of yarn leaving me an extra 5g right... well, not not exactly. The last strip needs to be longer than the others as it needs to be the length of the existing afghan block plus the width of the top and bottom cable strip just knit. This will take up more yarn. The good news is that the top and bottom of the strip are knit in reverse stocking stitch, not the cable pattern which will use less yarn. I am hopeful that the extra length in the last strip plus the extra 5g of yarn minus the cable pattern on both ends will magically work out perfectly.

Has anyone tried knitting while holding their breath and crossing their fingers?

Friday, July 23, 2010

How Do You Fix A Crappy Afternoon....

My day started out just fine. This morning was our knitting social at Carrie's Quilting and Knitting store in Aylmer. We had a small group today but we had a good morning visiting and knitting. Then it was all downhill for the rest of the afternoon. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to salvage what was left of the day.

Chocolate - sorry, no pictures. You will just have to trust me that it tasted good!

Knitting Books

I went to Chapters to look at the knitting books and magazines but I only looked (see, miracles can happen!) then I came home to read these books that I had received in the mail this week. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann's books. The Knitting Workshop has many patterns including the Rib Warmer, Tomten Jacket and the Pi Shawl. The Enchanted Sole book has incredible sock patterns that are knit either from the top down, toe up or sideways. Both are great books.

New Yarn

Of course, to ensure the rest of the day was back on track a new skein of wool was in order. This is not a very good picture. I will try for a better one tomorrow in the daylight. It is Malabrigo kettle dyed Merino wool in orange, brown, green and dark red. Until I can get a better picture you will have to take my word that it is totally my colours and just had to come home with me!

It worked, I am in a much better mood now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mosaic Knitting

The next round on the afghan is being knit in a mosaic diamond pattern. This was my sample swatch. The pattern is from Barbara Walker's book Mosaic Knitting.

Here it is on the afghan being knit in brown and green. I decided to switch the diamond and background colours around for every other strip. As you can see, two strips are finished and I have just started the first few rows across the bottom.
Once the mosaic knitting is finished it is on to a cable round!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Day

Sunday was the Knitting Goddesses day at the beach. We had perfect weather for knitting outside, it wasn't too hot and it didn't rain. Not that it would have mattered as we had a great spot under the pavilion. We spent the afternoon knitting, talking and snacking. Some of us took a break from our knitting to take a walk on the beach then knit some more before heading over to the restaurant for something to eat. Then is was back to our knitting again. It was such a great day no one was in a hurry to leave. I finally left at 7:00 but would have loved to have stayed longer. Thanks for a fun day ladies!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today's Knitting


I am heading out to Carrie's shop for a sock knitting class this morning so my poor, long forgotten sock is coming with me. I only have a couple more increase rounds to do on the toe and then it will be time to start the fun part - the lace pattern!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afghan Part Two

Being on holidays this week has really put me in relaxation mode. I am having a great time doing not much of anything except resting, walking and reading. It is great.

My knitting is suffering though and it is taking me forever to get this next round finished on the afghan. This round is made up of squares that are all knit using the knit one below (k1b) stitch. It is very fun to knit and it is amazing how the colour patterns appear almost magically since only one colour is used in a row. It is lots of fun.

As of this afternoon while we were at the beach this is what I had knit. Only 2 1/2 squares to knit. Almost done!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Holidays are so much fun! We had a great time at the cottage. The weather was good and I was able to spend a lot of the time knitting.

Here is the finished center square for the afghan. It is only a 6" square so it is a very quick knit. There is a seed stitch boarder, bobbles make the flower, the center of the flower is seed st with a french knot, the stem is knitted icord, and the leaves are knit and then attached to the square. Each leave and the stem only takes 5 mins to knit. Simple and quick is a good way to start out this afghan as each of the following rounds will get larger and take longer to knit.

Bobbles (along with entrelac)was something I had always said I would never knit. I think a sweater from my high school days that was covered in bobbles from top to bottom caused my dislike for them, but in the right project, such as an afghan square, I think they look fun. I also now love entrelac knitting. I guess this is a perfect example of why we should never say never!