Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Holidays are so much fun! We had a great time at the cottage. The weather was good and I was able to spend a lot of the time knitting.

Here is the finished center square for the afghan. It is only a 6" square so it is a very quick knit. There is a seed stitch boarder, bobbles make the flower, the center of the flower is seed st with a french knot, the stem is knitted icord, and the leaves are knit and then attached to the square. Each leave and the stem only takes 5 mins to knit. Simple and quick is a good way to start out this afghan as each of the following rounds will get larger and take longer to knit.

Bobbles (along with entrelac)was something I had always said I would never knit. I think a sweater from my high school days that was covered in bobbles from top to bottom caused my dislike for them, but in the right project, such as an afghan square, I think they look fun. I also now love entrelac knitting. I guess this is a perfect example of why we should never say never!


Not ready for handspun said...

You're right, never say never. I made a pair of popsicle socks with columns of baby bobbles down the legs - very cute. I wouldn't want a very bobbly sweater though!

DropStitchChris said...
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