Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mosaic Knitting

The next round on the afghan is being knit in a mosaic diamond pattern. This was my sample swatch. The pattern is from Barbara Walker's book Mosaic Knitting.

Here it is on the afghan being knit in brown and green. I decided to switch the diamond and background colours around for every other strip. As you can see, two strips are finished and I have just started the first few rows across the bottom.
Once the mosaic knitting is finished it is on to a cable round!


Frieda said...

Wow , looking good ! This certainly will be an interesting knit , with something new every round .

Joan said...

This will make a really beautiful piece. I love it.

Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I haven't tried Mosaic knitting yet, but I have a friend who made a great sweater out of it. I love the blanket. It is beautiful and looking impressively hard!

Anonymous said...

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