Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yesterday's Knitting

The afghan is coming along well. This is my progress as of yesterday afternoon. The pattern only has a 4 row repeat so I find it very easy to knit without the chart in front of me. Which also means that every once in a while when I do a left cable instead of a right cable or some other silly mistake, it is easy to pull out and to know what row you are on. This makes it a great project to take along wherever I am going. That is why it came with me yesterday when we got invited to a friends pool. It was a great pool side knitting project. (Thanks again for the invite!)

Here is a close up of the cable pattern. This strip is now finished.

After making my initial swatch I was sure that one 100g ball of yarn would knit four strips. I am still sure that it will but it is going to be very, very close. I keep running to the scale to weigh the ball of yarn. I started with 95g, (I used 5g of this blue in the knit below pattern 2 rounds ago). These two strips used 45g - I have exactly 50g left which sounds like good news since I just have another two strips to knit using 45g of yarn leaving me an extra 5g right... well, not not exactly. The last strip needs to be longer than the others as it needs to be the length of the existing afghan block plus the width of the top and bottom cable strip just knit. This will take up more yarn. The good news is that the top and bottom of the strip are knit in reverse stocking stitch, not the cable pattern which will use less yarn. I am hopeful that the extra length in the last strip plus the extra 5g of yarn minus the cable pattern on both ends will magically work out perfectly.

Has anyone tried knitting while holding their breath and crossing their fingers?

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Frieda said...

That poolsure looks inviting ! Nice job on the cable strip , keeping fingers and toes crossed that you have enough yarn ...