Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Knitting Day

This was what was waiting for me at my back door this morning. Two boxes of wool. One is Patons Classic Wool in Winter White and the other is Knit Picks Bare sock yarn plus navy and purple acid dyes.

This is what I bought to go with my new yarn. Wilton dyes in these colours - lemon yellow, violet, copper, royal blue, juniper green, moss green, black, red, delphinium and cornflower. The experimenting begins in the morning!

I have been making good progress on the socks I am knitting. I am hoping to have the pair finished by Friday.

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DropStitchChris said...

This looks like too much fun for you Louise!!! Can't wait to see your creations:)
I'm very glad to see you have your computer back....me too!!!